Naked Cam Chat – Avoid Becoming a Victim in Online Dangers

What is Naked Cam?

What is Naked Cam?

A naked cam is a common term used to describe people who offer sex in webcam chat rooms for a fee. Many of these services advertise that they have a minimum age requirement, and that one has to be at least eighteen years old before they can sign up for free.


The truth of the matter is that these services don’t just offer it for free, as many people think. The most popular sites have explicit terms of service attached to their payment. Once you read the details, it becomes clear that they are not free at all.


You need to understand how you will be using your webcam in order to avoid some common problems when it comes to webcam chatting. Be aware that even if the other person tells you they are thirty years old, or even fifteen years old, if they are not and are appearing on the screen with a microphone, there is nothing stopping you from sending them something they will find offensive. The fact that they have asked for the webcam to be turned off does not make it safe.

Learn how to use this kind of chat room

Learn how to use this kind of chat room

Take the time to learn how you will be viewing this webcam, and what could be offensive to your partner. Some people have one eye on the webcam and the other on the computer screen. They will usually be looking to see if the other person reacts and move their face when the camera is on.


An example would be to get a cheap cam with a yellow tint filter, like the one on a fire engine. The filter will cover up the screen, which means that you won’t notice if the other person looks at it. Another example would be a webcam with an anti-glare feature, which will make the screen less visible.


This may seem obvious, but if you use your webcam properly, this should never happen. You should set your screen to be dim, so that the person does not see the screen all the time. This will not only prevent them from seeing the other screen, but it will also reduce the amount of light that enters the room.

Keep the room dark?

Keep the room dark?

Keep the room dark when they are inside the room and they are expecting to see the screen. If they are not expecting to see the screen, they will not be able to see it, so that they cannot see you either. It may seem like common sense, but if you keep this in mind, you will find that this technique is a huge plus in preventing sexual assault.


If the cam is outside of a small room, make sure that you aren’t just out of sight. Try not to be standing in front of the door when the person is being viewed, especially if you know they are expecting to see the screen. If you are out of the way, they will not be able to notice that you are watching them, unless they open the door or turn around.


You must be aware of what you are saying to the person while you are on the cam. Don’t just begin talking about how you want to have sex, because chances are, the person won’t be able to hear you. Look at the person, and have them tell you what they feel.


Even if they are on a phone, it is important to make sure that you are aware of who they are calling. Text is another great way to communicate while you are on a cam. If you have the number and type in the name, you can easily figure out who it is, if it was a text message that was accidentally sent, or if it was a call.


Common sense should help you stay away from dangerous language. Avoid anything that could be construed as threatening. Any graphic words should be avoided, too, as these are often interpreted in different ways by many people.


These tips are not meant to be a substitute for a serious discussion of a person’s personal life. Having this information, however, should help any person who wants to take precautions.

Bernard Crowley