If you look at an event calendar for St Louis, you will be blown away. Of course, not all events are recurring and held annually. What types of special events do you like to attend? As you get ready to explore the St Louis area, you want to know what’s up. Let’s take a look at some of the top annual events that are held each year in St Louis MO.

The Annie Malone MayDay Parade is held each year in the downtown area of St Louis MO. This parade has been an annual event since 1922, and you might have guessed that it is held in May. It hasn’t always been held in the downtown area, as North St Louis was the former location for this event. The Annie Malone MayDay Parade also didn’t get its start in 1922, but that is the year it became an annual St Louis tradition as mentioned.

Do you like blues music? St Louis is known for the blues for sure, and so this next annual event would be a great one to attend. Imagine getting to hear 30 bands over a three day period, and like any other music festival, this event gets better and better every year. Just think about all of the food you can eat while you are there, too, as the local restaurants show up in full fashion. The name of the event is the Big Muddy Blues Festival, and it is held over Labor Day weekend and into the holiday.

If you are going to be in St Louis around Christmastime, the annual Christmas Traditions Festival is a great event to attend. This festival is easier to catch, as it is held over the entire month of December leading up to the New Year. This event held on the historic streets of St Charles is free, and it is a beautiful sight to behold.

Fair Saint Louis is another popular annual event. There is also the Fair Saint Louis Air Show. The events are known as ‘America’s Biggest Birthday Party,’ and it’s certainly not your typical fair, as the events are free to attend. This fair is held annually in St Louis over the July 4th holiday. Traditionally held on the Arch Grounds, the location of the fair has recently been Forest Park because of the Arch being renovated.

Catch these four popular festivals and much more when you visit St Louis MO. You can also check the events calendar to see what else is going on around those times. You will find more than you bargained for, and that means you are going to have quite a lot of fun in St Louis.

Four Popular Annual Events In St Louis Missouri To Attend