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“Apprenticeship years are not men’s years,” it says so nicely and that is by no means a degree. As the pressure to perform rises, the numbers in the account decrease. Many students find it difficult financially, especially during the semester. The rent has to be paid, student fees have to be paid and expensive books are required as specialist literature. Most students take on a part-time job to stay afloat. It is not easy to concentrate on your studies alongside work and financial pressure. In order to provide students with relief, the Astro Finance offers cheap student loans.

Screening sources of income

Screening sources of income

Parents must provide support to their children during their first education. Now it applies to many courses that the bachelor covers the first training and the master is seen as a kind of addition. For this reason, parents often refuse to provide further support. Things get even harder for students who have previously completed a company apprenticeship. You are financially on your own already in the Bachelor. In addition, child benefit is no longer paid from the age of 25. It is becoming increasingly difficult to finance your studies. In order to keep afloat nevertheless, students have the option to apply for a student loan from the Astro Finance.

Advantages of a student loan

Advantages of a student loan

Astro Finance supports young, determined people on their way to study and offers student loans. These are characterized by the following advantages:

  • shortened approval process
  • flexible repayment modalities
  • Capping the interest rate

As a student, all you have to do is make sure that you handle the loan amount with care.

The monthly inflow makes student time easier, but the amount of the loan is often underestimated.

However, it is also advantageous that the amount of the loan does not have to be paid back until you have taken up a permanent job after completing your studies. With a low-priced student loan, this is particularly helpful during the examination period. While you can work hard during the semester break, in the hard phase of your studies it is possible to concentrate fully on learning without financial worries.

Bernard Crowley